Your Pet Forever

Celebrate Your Pet and Tell Their Story

Fine Art
Pet Portraits

Drawn with exacting hyper realistic detail in fur and features, 

depth of colour and contrast

Portraits to Suit Your Budget

Bringing your pet to life with featureful detail and character
Drawn from your Photo.

Fine Art Pet Portrait

Drawn on A4 to A3 and larger sizes. Many layers are built up to create  precise details, colour depth and contrast resembling the depth of your pets fur. Multiple shades of colour are used to create this depth that adds highlight and the look of 3D to create Photo Realistic Fine Art unique pet portraits.

Photo Realistic Pet Portrait

Drawn on A4 only, the Photo Realistic pet portrait captures the spirit and depth of your pet. The main character features - eyes, nose and mouth are kept with exacting detail as the Fine Art Pet Portrait.  

Lady Gaga Gustav

Lady gaga's frenchie


Pet Portraits - a Gift of Meaningful Expression

Pet Portraits make incredibly emotional and heartfelt gifts


Unique & Personal 


To Celebrate

Engagement or Wedding

A Gift of Love


Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas! 

For You

Because they mean so much


Forever Loved

Rob ballentine

"I started drawing in lockdown"

I hadn't drawn since school many years ago. My wife's friend lost his dog in Lockdown and said could I draw his as I'd drawn ours a year before. I did and sent it off - next minute I'm inundated with requests to draw other peoples pets for commissioned work.

It's been a crazy and fun ride. - Rob

Kate Middletons Lupo

The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge's Spaniel


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sun kissed


What They Say...

Detail is Amazing! - You've captured him well and your detail is amazing. You're very talented - Thank you


Blown Away! - I had a picture done as a Christmas present. I was absolutely blown away with the details of our picture of Dobbie. Highly recommend Rob, you won't be disappointed.


On Our Wall for Years! - Thank you for everything. My daughters going to love the picture so much. It will be on our wall for years.


It Made Me Cry! - Rob it's absolutely beautiful! it made me cry! I'm so thrilled you captured him perfectly, thank you so much.


Your Pet Forever on Canvas

"Family is family and should be with us everyday"

"Nothing is more important than those we love the most"

"Love is a story of times shared. There's nothing greater than being surrounded by those times"

Loved by You
Played with You
Walked by You
Memories for You

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