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Creating Fine Art Pet Portraits of your loved ones

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Meet The Artist

Hi, I'm Rob and this is Jackson.

Jackson is a really special dog; he was truly man's best friend, our friends best friend. And Jackson was the inspiration that started off my passion for drawing peoples pets.

Jackson sadly passed away during lockdown. As a gift for our friend, Jacksons Dad, I drew him, forever commemorating and celebrating him.

The reaction I received was incredibly moving and then began the journey that I ride today - drawing PET PORTRAITS for owners like you who simply adore their pets and wish to CELEBRATE OR COMMEMORATE THEM

Whether your family pet is still here or not. There's nothing more wonderful than having a picture drawn of them as a lasting memory.

Rob x

Fine PetPortraits in Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey




Depth and Detailed Realism

celebrate and commemorate them 

A Pet Portrait Is A Magical Way Of Bringing Them To Life Forever

It's as easy as emailing or DM'ing me your favourite photo via Facebook or Instagram message

Authentic, Lifelike Art

It's really important to me that your portrait evokes your pets true likeness, their character, and charm. I create authentic, lifelike creations that are all drawn entirely by hand and that have a likeness that brings your pets character to life; highly crafted pieces of art that are a legacy to your pets generosity, charm and love.

I create authenticity that goes beyond just a drawing!

Birthday Present

The perfect birthday gift

Christmas Present

Gift the magic of Christmas with a Pet Portrait

A Gift of Love

A truly unique gift

Wedding Present

Wedding Bells and a Pet Portrait to make a really special occasion

In Memorium

Let them live forever

Just for You

Because you deserve it


From the moment you make contact to the arrival of your portrait, each step is conveyed with the utmost care. 

Because the quality in the products I use, the time I take invested in the drawing and our relationship are all important to the quality of your final portrait.

I take the utmost care in replicating your pet to create lifelike portraits that you'll love.


I use the finest, high-quality graphite pencils to re-create depth, tone and texture

Digital Files

Working with digital files enables zooming and other techniques so that I can recreate
the little details


Archival quality paper that brings out the depth & richnesss of your portrait


Attention to detail that keeps them alive


Your portrait is sent in a mount ready for framing


Using the highest quality pastel pencils means your portrait lasts forever

High quality art making memories last

"Rob it's absolutly Beautiful! It made me cry!

I'm so so thrilled, you've captured him so perfectly,

Thank you so much!


Watch the drawing of Prince - The Hungarian Vizsla

Your Artist

Since May I now have commisions from the USA, Australia and Europe.

I am passionate about each and every commission that I accept.

  The first pet portrait I ever drew was of our Gordon Setter; feeling so lost without him I drew him as a gift for my wife to celebrate who he was - many tears later, my art was born.

If you love your pet and want to celebrate and commemorate them, I believe there is no greater gift than a pet portrait. It is a truly magical way of bringing them to life forever.

Rob Ballentine

It's the little details that matter the most, for example the nose, the eyes, in the waft of hair that grows crooked or the change in fur density that makes our pets so unique. It's these details that I love to capture creating a true, lifelike portrait of your pet.

Patch - Our Mascot

Our cheeky Cocker Spaniel is the one who looks after the fun, food and frolics here at HQ. He is incredibly loving, loyal and continuously drives us crazy with his antics (if you've ever owned a Cocker you'll know exactly what I mean) and we wouldn't have it any other way. 

He also has a highly strategic role in marketing!


Our beautiful Gordon Setter who sadly left us  after 13.5 years of pure joy. He was our royal boy who 
regarded himself as the family Manager.  

His spirit is what drove me to draw and you'll see him every now and then pop up on here and on social media - forever alive.

Colour Pet Portraits

Bring your loved ones to life in full colour.

I use high quality pastel oils that re-create the depth, saturation, and life of your pet. These high quality pastels create beautiful, colourful and vivid portraits . 

More Customer Love

Thank you for everything. My daughters going to love the picture so much. It will be on our wall for years.


Rob it's absolutly beautiful! It made me cry!

I'm so thrilled, you've captured him so perfectly, Thank you so much!


Thank you so much for this portrait. I couldn't wait until Friday to give to hubby so he unwrapped it last night. It brought tears to his eyes. You captured everything we love about Henrii in the drawing and will treasure it for years to come xx


Oh wow that's brilliant xx


How to Order

To order your Fine Art Pet Portrait just follow these simple steps

Size, Colour, No. Pets

What size do you want and do you want colour or black & white. How many pets on a frame, or no. of pets in separate frames? Think about these first. If you're not sure. use the Contact Form above or message me via Facebook on Messenger or What's App.


Visit the shop  (using the link below) select your size and colour option, with amount of pets you require. Pay the deposit and then send over the photo/s either by email or contact me via Messenger or What's App. The balance will then be charged upon completion.

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Which Size?

A4 is the most popular. If you have one pet, this is likely the best option. However if you wish to show them off and desire much more realism and detail, you may wish to consider commissioning an A3 Portrait.

A3 is superb for detail and really showing off your pet especially for head and shoulder portraits. For full body, A3 is also the best option.

A3 is also great for having 3 or 4 small head shots or 2 good sized ones if you want them together.

A2 and larger are more suited to larger body shots or the 'BIG' pictures with A1 especially suited to a family of pets in one portrait

For larger portraits of A2 and above please contact me on the CONTACT page and we can talk about what it is you want and how it will work best for you.

Colour or Black & White?

It really is a personal choice. 

Black and White has that art-Nouveau about it, classic and timeless. That air of mystery and intrigue and normally evoked much more of a reaction from people because of the skill involved in drawing in only black and white. The black and whites in Graphite pencil are also much more detailed than can be offered in colour.

Colour portraits give that realism, the look, feel and colour of your pet brought to life. For more detail A3 in size and above is best for this option.

How long does it take?

On average between 4-7 days depending on the complexity of the drawing and size.

Which offers the most realism?

Colour will always win hands down because we don't see in Black & White or Sepia. So if you're after realism, this is what you should go for. 

But if you want that something different, extra and enticing. Black & White will always win. Who doesn't love and Black and White Photo!

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday : 10:00 AM - 4:30 PM

PetPortraits- situated on the boarders of Hampshire,
Berkshire & Surrey

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