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Pastel Pencil Foundation Course

Learn all the important skills about materials and how to actually get your drawing from a photo onto the paper so that it looks real, is in perfect perspective and saves you a ton of time with this course.

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Here's What You'll Learn:

The Free Online Image Software that helps you resize your reference images to print out on an A3 or A4 printer and maintain perspective
Which different types of paper are best for pastel drawings
Rob's recommendations on high-quality materials that work every time
How to create your pencil drawing ready for pastels
How to ensure your reference image is perfectly transferred to your paper
How to create your perfect line art drawing

Course Modules

Perfect Colour Every time

Perfect Colour Every time

Learn how to use simple FREE software to choose the correct colours to create your drawing

How To Create Your Line Drawing From Your Reference Image

How To Create Your Line Drawing From Your Reference Image

This module has 2 lessons which will teach you in easy steps how to resize your image, split it into printable A4 sections and then transfer your image onto your PastelMat ready for colour.

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This is a great course to save time, money and get your line art image ready for the best bit - the pastels.



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