Ordering on this website, email, telephone or social media (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp) you agree to the following terms and conditions. These terms & conditions apply for all commissions of original pictures by artist Rob Ballentine. No variations to these unless specifically agreed by Rob Ballentine in writing.

It is up to the individual to provide photos of the true likeness/colour/expression of the subject in order for optimum results. An order must be accompanied by sufficient information to enable Rob Ballentine to proceed.

Rob Ballentine will judge whether or not to accept any commission.

Items are left with Rob Ballentine at owner’s risk. No responsibly will be taken for loss or consequential loss of customers property left with Rob Ballentine.

All bookings require a minimum deposit of either 20% of the order value or £200 whichever is the greater. No portraits will begin until the full balance of the portrait has been paid prior to commencement, unless otherwise agreed between each party. The minimum prior to any engagement will be 80% of the full value of the Portrait at the time of sale.

The portrait upon final completion will be either paid in full before shipping or has been paid in full, whichever is agreed upon in writing by both parties at time of sale.

The portrait upon final completion will be subject to review by the purchaser who will have a minimum of 1 agreed change that shall be no more than 10% the size of the portrait, unless agreed otherwise either prior to purchase or as part of a goodwill gesture from Robert Ballentine the Artist.

Upon completion of the Portrait, no refund will be made available for either any deposits or full payments that have been made.

The purchaser acknowledges that they have done their due diligence into the type and style of Robert Ballentine the Artist’s paintings and drawings by a) having previously seen his work on his social media outlets, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube etc. and b) his work website robballentine.com c) any search engine used to find his work or from email and referrals.

In so doing they agree to enter into a contractual arrangement where Robert Ballentine the Artist will make available his skills and experience to best represent the portraits to his ability but in no way is liable for final productions being different than the photos used to present and draw from.

The client (purchaser of portraits) understands that a drawing is not a full and faithful reproduction of a photo they have given to be used as reference material but a representation of that may significantly differ from a) the photo b) their expectations of the photo as is befitting an artist’s ‘interpretation’ of said photo.

If upon dispute between the purchaser (client) and Robert Ballentine the Artist. Robert Ballentine the Artist has the final say in determining if any repatriations are made.

Any orders placed by telephone are considered consent to proceed.

The minimum deposit is non-refundable and varies according to size of portrait ordered.

Balance of payment will be due prior to dispatch or upon commencement, either by instalments or in full on completion depending upon any agreement made prior in writing.

Items will not be sent out until balance has been received by Rob Ballentine. If paying by cheque, goods will be sent out after funds are cleared at the bank.

Customer shall check goods immediately on delivery and inform Rob Ballentine of any damage suffered in transit. For posted sent via Royal Mail or other courier items, we accept no responsibility for failed or late deliveries. If the item is returned to us for any reason, postage will be re-charged for any subsequent delivery charges. Any items that do not arrive on the date specified should be reported within 24 hours of non-delivery. In the event of dis-satisfaction (which should be considered good reason of complaint) must be reported within 7 days of receipt of goods. Item(s) must be photographed and sent via email to support@robballentine.com for consideration. In the event the portrait is damaged in any way the client must make arrangements from the courier to collect on the insurance.

All copyrights of any portrait work remain in the name of Rob Ballentine, unless otherwise mutually agreed in writing at the time of ordering. It is explicitly forbidden to reproduce the images or original work of Rob Ballentine in any medium unless clearly agreed beforehand with a standard license contract available on request. This license can be revoked at any time due to breach of contract at the discretion of Rob Ballentine.

As copyright holder Rob Ballentine reserves the right to use any portrait image or edited image for any publicity on the internet, website, Facebook, exhibition material or other promotional events. The image or edited version may be used on products produced by Rob Ballentine or other companies manufacturing under license from Rob Ballentine worldwide. Any requests for portraits not to be used in this way must be expressed in writing within 14 days of completion of your portrait order.

Any authorised reproductions must contain credit to Rob Ballentine or artists website. Where digital images are involved the client agrees that the digital images cannot be modified without prior consent and must contain credit to Rob Ballentine.

Any order placed where there is no follow-up or contact from the customer of any kind will after 12 months be considered void. Any money paid will become property of Rob Ballentine.

All goods remain property of Rob Ballentine until the contract price in full is received. After completion any goods left with Rob Ballentine for a period of longer than 7 Days will be liable to storage charge.


If the customer wishes to cancel the contract to commission an artwork, then notice must be given in writing.
All minimum deposit payments are non-refundable.
For orders where the balance has been paid in advance. Depending on how much work been undertaken, it will be up to Rob Ballentine to decide whether any refund is to be paid to the customer.
There is a 7day cooling off period after all bookings. Presuming no work has been commenced. Deposits will be returned at artists discretion.

All artwork remains the property of Rob Ballentine until paid for in full.

All payment unless otherwise stated otherwise in writing between each party is to be made payable within 7 days upon completion and communication of the finished item.

Orders not collected within 7 days after completion are liable to storage charge at a rate of £50 per week.